Upgrade Your Security System with SmartCom 4G Ethernet and 4G Intelligent Communicator.

If you’re looking to upgrade your security system, the SmartCom 4G Ethernet and 4G Intelligent Communicator is a smart choice. This innovative device allows you to transition your security system to cloud technologies, bringing your Premier Elite product line into the future.

Easy to Install and Use

The SmartCom 4G is easy to install and use, as it is powered from the panel and can be installed adjacent to the panel. It’s connected via two COM ports, allowing for Connect App connectivity, Monitor ARC reporting, and UDL support from Texecom Cloud. The device can easily integrate with Premier Elite V5.0 firmware, ensuring that your security system stays up-to-date.

Advanced Features

The Embedded eSIM chip is a secure Global roaming SIM automatically connecting with over 42 world-wide network operators. This provides a simplified network selection.

Cellular communications are provided in partnership with Telefonica, experts in safety-critical signalling solutions for the most robust connectivity.


This device is compatible with Premier Elite panels with V5.00 firmware or later, and comes as a separate module connected to two COM ports within the panel. The device is also compatible with Texecom Cloud for remote configuration. Additionally, the system is compatible with a wide range of Texecom Digital Services, such as Texecom Cloud, Texecom Monitor, and Texecom Connect, when using a SmartCom 4G or SmartCom communicator.

Secure and Reliable

The SmartCom 4G is a secure device that doesn’t require you to open firewalls for port forwarding, ensuring that your security system remains safe and reliable.

Final Thoughts

An advanced and easy-to-install security system communicator that’s compatible with cloud technologies, the SmartCom 4G Communicator is a great investment. Its powerful features and compatibility with Premier Elite panels make it an excellent choice.

A high performance External Antenna is available for sites which have limited or no signal available.