Premier Elite Control Panels & Systems

Premier Elite Control panels and peripherals provide a single, comprehensive system architecture and peripheral range that scales from the simplest and smallest security applications through to the largest and most complex.

Featuring a common programming platform, interoperable wired and wireless peripheral devices, design flexibility and integration capabilities, the Premier Elite Series provides a high performance security solution for applications around the world.

Common Programming

Each Premier Elite control panel shares the same programming platform and peripheral devices, ensuring instant product familiarity across the range. Common Programming

Greater Scalability

Premier Elite control panels can accept multiple Zone Expanders. Greater Scalability

Simplified Communications

Communicating exclusively using outbound connections, SmartCom communicators remove the need to open any router ports, ensuring simplicity of installation and maximum security. Simplified Communications

Value-Added Digital Services

Premier Elite systems are compatible with Texecom’s range of digital services that add value, improve efficiency and delight users in every step of the intruder protection journey. Value-Added Digital Services

One System for All Your Applications

Premier Elite systems are independently certified to meet EN Grade 2 & 3. This reduces inventory, as fewer variants are needed to be held in stores or in vans.

From the smallest panel to our largest, all use the same variety of keypads, power supplies and expanders – reducing cost in carrying spares. Premier Elite systems use the same programming architecture, software and other tools. Devices may be hard-wired, wireless, or any combination of either. It is truly one platform for every job.

Texecom competitively span both domestic and commercial sectors, this reduces training needs for engineers and keeps overheads down to a minimum.

Meeting Your Training Needs

Meeting Your Training Needs

One of the biggest challenges facing a security company is change.

Whether it is training engineers to adapt to a new intruder panel or helping a whole company to adapt and modernise its culture using products like cloud services, our aim is to make this process a smooth transition by providing both online and personal support to your company.

Discover how you can learn to maximise the effectiveness of Premier Elite systems at our Texecom Academy training page.