The SmartCom 4G High Performance Antenna, part code JAQ-0003 will enable the installation of SmartCom 4G for customers in areas where there is poor or no 4G signal. The External Antenna can be located up to 10 metres away from the panel where a better signal is available, while providing optimised conditions for multipath technology.

The high performance antenna cable has been specially designed to be 10 metres as anything over 10 metres, doesn’t add additional signal strength.

It is specifically designed for external mounting, IP67 rated, and comes complete with a right angle metal bracket for mounting to any external wall.

For simplicity, the External Antenna is fitted with the push fit MMCX connector. This small connector truly minimises the cut-out required to feed the cable through any wall.

And, as the connector fitted on the SmartCom 4G is an SMA connector, the MMCX adaptor listed below enables the new External Antenna to easily be fitted to the existing connector.

The MMCX Adaptors are supplied in packs of 10. Part code JAQ-0004

SmartCom 4G can be found HERE