Control your App Portfolio

Control your App Portfolio

Manage your app users directly from your Cloud account.
Assert your maintenance contracts

Assert your maintenance contracts

With users on Texecom Connect, manage system contracts through your Cloud account.
Premium features today, ready for tomorrow.

Premium features today, ready for tomorrow.

Always evolving. The Connect app adds value to your security system.

Give your clients control, ownership and complete peace of mind through:

Allow users to assign who can have access to their Texecom Connect app, with different access levels.


Arrange live footage for any property. The app is compatible with IP cameras supporting JPEG video formats.

Guarantee complete peace of mind,
with all security settings safely stored and all communications fully encrypted and secured.

Help users create recipes, a simple and effective way of implementing ’cause and effect’ settings, connecting properties and devices together.

Pre-set and customise system profiles with ‘at a glance’ system control, so users can activate their security system in one click, from anywhere.


Ensure the app is used to its optimum by mapping out all security devices through the property, making them all accessible.

Texecom Connect can be used for all types of premises

Whether you have a retail store, a school or a home, your Texecom Connect app gives you the security and peace of mind you need. Find out how it can be used in different environments:


Check on activity in shop


Check cameras at back of premises

Armed mode

Alarm armed and sockets off

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Designed to make property owners lives easier

Watch our video and discover what Texecom Connect can do for your customers, your customers property and your customers safety!

How to install new systems on Texecom Connect

This video is about how to add a new system on Texecom Connect.