TexecomPro Feature Update  

TexecomPro is now the firm favourite with Texecom professional installers.   

TexecomPro makes finding, accessing and using the relevant information simple and straightforward. Unlike paper copies, TexecomPro information is always up-to-date, easier to find and use, and always there when you need it. 

Save to ‘Favourites’    

Ensuring you have the latest instruction manuals is key to the success of every install. With TexecomPro you can now save your manuals in an offline mode directly to your ‘Favourites’ section of the app, keeping all your important items in one place, making them easily accessible whenever and wherever you are.  

Offline instruction manuals guarantee that you will always be able to access the product information you require in an instance regardless as to whether you have a signal or not.  

Automatic Refresh 

Every manual update will automatically refresh your saved manual, always providing you with the latest manuals.  

There is no limit to the amount of product instruction manuals you can download to your Favourites, and you can simply remove any manuals by deselecting the ‘star’ as and when your needs require. 

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