Why are BT Openreach doing this?

Why are BT Openreach doing this?

The copper wire telephone network has served the United Kingdom well when it was soley used for making standard landline voice telephone calls. However, with the advancements in technology and the reliance on connectivity via the internet BT are moving all lines to create a fully digital network.

PSTN Switch Off – Key Dates

November 2017

BT Openreach confirms their intention to switch off the PSTN in 2025.

December 2020

Businesses and consumers in Salisbury, Wiltshire can no longer purchase new services which are reliant on the PSTN.

October 2021

169 telephone exchange areas can no longer purchase new services which are reliant on the PSTN.

April 2023

Businesses and consumers using the PSTN network in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Mildenhall, Suffolk will have a reduced service leading to a complete cease of PSTN services in these areas.

September 2023

Openreach announce that the new Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) made from copper product will no longer be sold in the United Kingdom.

January 2027 (was December 2025)

The PSTN network across the UK will be fully switched off.

Is My Business Affected?

Is My Business Affected?

The PSTN Switch Off will affect all businesses currently operating using PSTN and ISDN services.

If you fall into this category, you will need to move to the new network to keep your monitored security connection operational.

The All IP network delivers monitored security using the same infrastructure as data and uses IP (Internet Protocol) technology.

Act Now!

Act Now!

Ensure your security systems will continue to operate by moving to IP signalling today.

Texecom Monitor not only provides a future ready digital solution to this impending change, it works with standard Texecom equipment (Premier Elite Systems), reduces installation time by +33%, gives you single path (IP or 4G) or dual path (IP and 4G) signalling to leading Alarm Receiving Centres, enables more remote servicing and maintenance, and provides enhanced digital services, giving you more convenience and control while ensuring your business is optimised and more efficient today and tomorrow.

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Jargon Buster

PSTN – stands for Public Switched Telephone Network, the old circuit-switched network that powers traditional telephone lines and cables.

ISDN – stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It’s a circuit-switched telephone network just like PSTN. The difference is that ISDN transmits voice and data via digital instead of analogue lines. It also provides better voice quality.

Traditional Telephony – A traditional or legacy telephony system runs on premise-based physical boxes connected by wires. Both PSTN and ISDN systems are considered traditional because they still rely on cables.