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Premier Elite Wireless Kits

New! Additional Premier Elite Wireless Kits with Capture models included.

Premier Elite wireless kits simplify product selection and are available for a wide variety of applications. Featuring Ricochet-enabled systems and peripheral devices, Premier Elite wireless kits can be further expanded with additional devices, and are compatible with SmartCom communicators and Texecom’s extensive range of digital services. 

Ricochet Wireless Kits

Upgrade any security system with Ricochet mesh technology. With Texecom’s Ricochet Wireless Expansion Kits, adding additional wireless devices is a quick and easy process. Each kit converts wireless devices into Normally Closed (N/C) relay outputs for direct connection to security control panel wired zones or CCTV triggering systems. 

Each Ricochet expansion kit contains an 8-device wireless expander and relay interface card for connecting to any security system plus 2 wireless devices. Kits available:

  • Ricochet External Kit
  • Ricochet Smoke Kit
  • Ricochet Safety Kit