Introducing the Impaq S G3 Shock Detector: Reinventing Perimeter Protection

The Impaq S G3 is a revolutionary shock detector that takes perimeter protection to the next level. This advanced device features VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology, which provides top-of-the-line intruder detection. It also boasts full third-party EN Grade 3 compliance and exceeds the performance criteria set by the new European Standard for vibration detectors, EN50131-2-8.

Modern, Easy to Install, and Familiar

Designed with aesthetics in mind, making it an ideal choice for modern properties. It’s easy to install and allows for seamless switching between Grade 2 and Grade 3 devices.

VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology

The Impaq S G3 is equipped with VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology, which provides class-leading intruder detection. This advanced feature ensures that any attempts to penetrate the perimeter are detected, providing reliable security for your property.

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing enhances its sensitivity and accuracy. The device is also designed with 5 selectable digital sensitivity settings to allow you to choose the most appropriate setting for your needs.

Intuitive LED-Assisted Setup Procedure

An intuitive LED-assisted setup procedure that simplifies the installation process. This feature ensures that the device is correctly set up to meet your security needs.

Built-in EOL Resistors

Built-in end-of-line (EOL) resistors that simplify the installation process. Resistors enhance the device’s reliability by providing additional protection against tampering.

EN50131-2-8 Grade 3 Compliance

The Impaq S G3 is independently certified by Kiwa Telefication and meets the stringent performance criteria set by EN50131-2-8 Grade 3. This certification attests to the reliability, accuracy, and overall performance.


The Impaq S G3 shock detector is a top-of-the-range security device that offers reliable perimeter protection. Its outstanding features, including VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology, digital signal processing, intuitive LED-assisted setup procedure, built-in EOL resistors, and EN50131-2-8 Grade 3 compliance, make it the best choice for high-end residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for an advanced, easy-to-install, and reliable shock detector, this is it. Available in white from your distributor now.