What is a CIE fault?

CIE or Central Indicating Equipment, the main processor has had a critical error caused by a mains spike etc. Enter the engineers code followed by reset or carry out a power cycle on the control panel.

Why does the keypad display ‘Preparing to Arm’?

The system has Ricochet Dual Tech detectors learnt onto the system. ‘Preparing to Arm’ will be displayed for a few seconds prior the exit timer starting to enable all the Ricochet Dual Tech detectors to be ‘awake’.

On my Elite 24 why are my panel zones in tamper?

Check the wiring configuration. If the zones have been wired normally closed. Either change the physical wiring to EOL or change the wiring type to Normally closed.

How do I know what panel I am working on?

Whilst the system is unset:- Press Menu 4 on the keypad. The panel type, language, version number and language set will be displayed.

What is ‘Supervision’?

The Ricochet device cannot be seen by the receiver, this may be caused by poor signal, low battery etc.

What would cause Radio Jamming? Can I switch it off?

Radio Jamming is displayed when the receiver is jammed for 30 seconds in any given minute. This does not have to be a continuous 30 seconds. Therefore, 10 seconds of jamming on 3 occasions within a minute would also cause the fault to display. But 10 seconds of jamming would not cause jamming to be displayed.

‘Jamming’ is different from ‘Supervision’. It can occur due to the malfunction of 3rd party devices, poorly maintained products, malicious attack, or the use of non-approved imported wireless products.

Unintentional ‘Jamming’ occurs when a wireless transmitter transmits a signal across the bandwidth.

This can be caused by a third-party transmitter emitting a signal when searching for its Base Station.

Why is my keypad locked?

Either too many key press’ have been entered on into the keypad, or the YES + NO button has been pressed on the keypad, or a zone programmed as ‘Security’ is active.

On the Premier Elite 64-W panels, why is the keypad displaying ‘1,1 tamper’?

The ‘fit for Commission jumper’ is still in place on the pins JP7 between the two aerials.

Can I use the smart key for part 2 or part 3?

No, part set one only.

I have set up my control timers but they do not work?

Check the on and off times? Ensure the off time is more than 15 minutes that the on time. The timer will have a 5 minute pre arm time.

How many expanders and keypads can I have on the Elite 48?

A maximum of four expanders can be installed onto a Premier Elite 48.

How many expanders and keypads can I put on a Premier 88 network?

On the Premier Classic and Premier Elite 88 and above there is a maximum of 8 expanders and keypads per network.

Can I put my Premier Classic profile into my Elite panel?

No, it is not recommended.

My outputs don’t work.

Ensure the correct Areas are assigned to the outputs.

My alarm panel is asking for engineer reset/anti-code reset.

Switch off the areas in Area Options for option 11 and 13. This will make it user reset.

I have a managed network on site. What are the SmartCom port listings?
Port Protocol Direction Destination Host Address Destination IP Address Notes
443 TCP Outbound https://cloud.texe.com IP addresses are dynamic Main web server

Changing to 443

See note*



IP addresses are dynamic MQTT broker services which are used as a poll response communication to enable remote access to the SmartCom and Panel from Texecom Cloud and Texecom Connect 
123 UDP Outbound

server 0.pool.ntp.org
server 1.pool.ntp.org
server 2.pool.ntp.org

IP addresses are dynamic

53 TCP/UDP Outbound and When a fixed IP is used on SmartCom, we default to using the Google DNS server. (If DHCP then we use the DNS provided by the DHCP server) 
NOTE: From 1st August 2022 all new site registrations will occur on broker10.texe.com operating on Port 443
From the 20th September 2022 broker communication will be transitioned to Port 443. However any devices that are currently on Port 8883 and for some reason don’t connect on Port 443, will revert to Port 8883 and continue to operate. 
Does the SmartCom need Inbound Ports opening?

No the SmartCom does not require any inbound ports to be opened on the network

I cannot connect with Wintex.

Ensure the correct comport selected. This can be checked by them opening the ‘device manager’ on their PC, the USB port will be indicated.

How do I set a zone to chime without it doing anything on the alarm?

Program the zone as Exit Terminator.