Membership Plans Free Gold/Premium
Annual Subscription Fee Free Annual Fee
Employee Logins 20 Unlimited
Mobile or Desktop UI
Managed Employee Access
Connect V2 App Visibility
Price Per System Per Year Free Free
Ad Connect App Users
Unlimited Connect App Users
Visibility of Connect App Users
Custom Connect App Branding
System & Connect V2 App Management
Price Pers System Per Year Charged Charged
Configuration Templates
Flexible Scheduled Maintenance
Health Check
Diagnostic View
Activity Audit Trail
Multi Factor Authentication
Delete/Disable Connect App Users
Configurable Notifications By User
Auto Health Reporting Emails
Customised Service Reports
Auto Engineer Code Generation

Texecom Cloud Membership Plans offer a variety of features dependent on the chosen plan.

  • Systems added just for Texecom Connect functionality via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi SmartCom incur no annual fee.
  • Systems added to enable management incur an annual fee.
  • The fee schedule is displayed when you apply for membership.
  • The Texecom Cloud service is available to any professional security installation company.