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New Premier Compact Motion Detectors

Texecom are excited to introduce to you the most technologically advanced range of residential detectors we have ever produced. Years of knowledge and experience gained in designing motion sensors has inspired us to develop a range of new products, offering superior catch performance and false alarm immunity for any type of residential environment.

At Texecom we believe everyone deserves to feel safe and secure. The Premier Compact Series has been designed using commercial grade detection technology to overcome even the most challenging residential installation environments. 

The Premier Compact Series comprises 4 outstanding detector models:

  • Premier Compact IR 

Dual element PIR. Designed to excel in typical residential installation environments.

  • Premier Compact XT

Digital PIR with advanced signal processing. Digital temperature compensation provides class-leading performance in hotter conditions.

  • Premier Compact QD

Digital quad element PIR. Digital temperature compensation and genuine quad element detection delivers unrivalled performance and false alarm immunity.

  • Premier Compact PW

Digital pet-immune PIR. Holographic optical technology and advanced digital detection offer up to 35Kgs animal immunity without compromising intrusion detection. 

All Premier Compact detectors exceed the requirements of EN50131-2-2 Grade 2.

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