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Security has evolved

Texecom is rolling out a series of upgrades and updates to its entire product range ahead of the new international standards for electronic security equipment, making sure that customers will be safe in the knowledge that any and every Texecom product meets or exceeds the latest requirements.

As a company Texecom views compliance with regulatory approvals as an absolute minimum requirement for any of its products. As a result, the company is launching new versions of its products that contain major product enhancements, meet the latest international standard requirements, and represent the most significant portfolio upgrade in the company’s history.

The product upgrades include: new energy-efficient control panels and security systems using custom switch mode power supply technologies; processing power upgrades to enhance functionality and enable more rapid implementation of new features for customers; proprietary motion sensor signal processing resulting in a new range of advanced digital detectors for mass-market applications; major upgrades to Ricochet-enabled wireless device capabilities with some exciting announcements coming soon.

To aid installer purchasing decisions, Texecom is also reorganising its portfolio into three main brand titles, divided up to represent the different types of end-user installation requirements. ‘Premier Elite’ will be for commercial applications, ‘Premier’ for premium residential and medium sized applications; ‘Veritas’ for smaller residential applications.  

A handy lookup table that shows part numbers, old product branding and new branding product names is available to download here.

An 8-page booklet further detailing the branding and portfolio changes Texecom is making over the coming months is also available to download by clicking here.