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Texecom Connect (V2) Installation Enhancements & Availability Update

Texecom Connect (V2) Installation Enhancements & Availability Update

The new version of the Texecom Connect app (V2) has been available as an open beta trial for installers since early November.


We’ve received a tremendous response from installers trialling the new app version and getting used to the benefits of linking end-user app visibility within their Texecom Cloud accounts.

Through our Texecom forum and via direct messages, we have also received very useful feedback on initial setup and constructive suggestions on how to enhance the account migration progress, particularly for installers with many accounts currently managed directly from the Texecom Connect (V1) app.


We have listened to this feedback and as a direct result, we are currently implementing the following enhancements:

1. We are creating a new migration process that allows installers to update their Texecom Connect (V1) app to the new version, and automatically transfer all sites into the installer’s Texecom Cloud account


2. We are improving the Texecom Connect (V2) setup process to clearly distinguish between end-user setup and installer-managed migration

As a result of making these enhancements, and due to our diligent testing process before introducing new features, the full launch of the Texecom Connect (V2) app has been delayed.


Our intention was for the new app version to be made fully available in November, but the addition of these new features, which significantly enhance the setup experience, have pushed back the full availability by at least a month.

The new Texecom Connect app version (V2) is still available on open beta, both on Android and iOS, and we welcome installers to trial the new app and familiarise themselves with the new Cloud-based control.


We thank you for your patience as we take onboard feedback to ensure the smoothest transition to the new version.

Capture is available through UK distribution

Capture is available through UK distribution

Thank you for the overwhelming response to Capture so far. We have been busy fulfilling distributor orders since the official launch on the 9th November.

Remember a security system is only as good as its ability to detect. Your reputation, your business, your future, and your customers’ wellbeing, all depends on making the right choice of motion detection.

Texecom’s new range of motion detectors, Capture, is our highest performing, most reliable, easiest to install range of detectors, ever.

Premier Elite wireless kits including Capture

We have created new versions of our popular wireless kits to include Capture models.

Other than replacing the detectors with Capture models we have kept the contents of the new kits identical, with a KIT-0001 becoming KIT-1001 and a KIT-0002 becoming KIT-1002 and so on.

Discover more at the Capture website >

New version of the Texecom Connect app available in November

New version of the Texecom Connect app available in November

The new version of the Texecom Connect app, V2, will be available from November 2020. The new app features the same intuitive user interface, but crucially, Texecom Connect V2 now allows professional installers to manage their portfolio of app users directly from their Texecom Cloud account.


Can’t wait until November? The new Texecom Connect app version is available on open beta on both the App store via Test Flight and Google Play.


Follow the links in the Installers Guide or from the cloud


Add new users, migrate existing Texecom Connect users, manage your portfolio. With a free Texecom Cloud membership tier and free Texecom Connect app visibility, Texecom Connect V2 remains completely free of charge.


Texecom Cloud Gold members gain premium benefits, with App management providing the ability to remotely disable or delete users and brand users apps with your company logo.  


Texecom Connect remains a free end user app, free for installers to offer, and will be free for installers to administer with Texecom Cloud’s free membership option.


If you want to continue to offer Texecom Connect, the new app will require installers to have a Texecom Cloud account. 

If you haven’t already, sign up your organisation to a free Texecom Cloud account today! Then you’ll be fully prepared to offer the latest version of Texecom Connect the moment it is available.


Sign up for a free Texecom Cloud account today!