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Setting the standard  for shock sensor performance

Setting the standard for shock sensor performance

The new Impaq S Series shock sensors from Texecom take perimeter protection to the next level. They provide a step-change in shock detection performance, utilising VIBER Accelerometer Technology for class-leading and standards-exceeding intruder detection.

Shock sensors are designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide early warning of an attempted intrusion before a break-in occurs, ensuring the safety of people and property inside.

The new EN50131-2-8 European Standard for vibration detectors mandates stringent performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials. The Impaq S Series exceeds these requirements and has been independently certified to Grade 2 by Kiwa Telefication.

The new range features:
• Impaq S (shock sensor)
• Impaq SC (shock and contact sensor)
• Impaq SC-W (wireless shock and contact sensor with Ricochet® mesh technology)

With five digital sensitivity settings, the Impaq S Series is available in white, brown and anthracite grey, to match the most popular uPVC, wooden and aluminium frames. They can also be mounted on concrete. Impaq SC and SC-W also allow the magnet to be installed on either side of the device, increasing location flexibility. Impaq S and Impaq SC are compatible with Texecom and all popular industry standard panels, while the Impaq SC-W is compatible with Ricochet® enabled Texecom Premier Elite and Premier panels.

VIBER Accelerometer Technology
VIBER Accelerometer Technology provides a much higher level of accuracy for vibration detection compared to piezoelectric technology, as found in non-conforming products. It is highly sensitive to sub-surface shock transmissions resulting from attempted forced entry, and completely immune to airborne-based high frequency noise. The result is a shock sensing technology with unparalleled catch performance while actively discriminating against false alarm sources. Unlike piezo-based shock sensors, VIBER Accelerometer Technology detects in all three dimensions, increasing installation flexibility as the device can be mounted in any orientation.

The Impaq S - setting the standard for shock sensor performance.

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Texecom Cloud wins Benchmark Innovation Award

Texecom Cloud wins Benchmark Innovation Award

We’re delighted to announce that Texecom Cloud has won the Benchmark Innovation Award in the Site Protection Software category.

A web-based portal accessible on any internet-connected device, Texecom Cloud enables security installers to manage multiple alarm systems from one simple interface, simultaneously. This in turn helps them save money and increase revenues by being more efficient and adding value to their customers.

It gives engineers complete control over their alarm system portfolio – this includes safeguards to ensure only the right people have access to the right data. Engineers are restricted to only view and access security systems that are specific to them.

System programming is simple, quick and easily accessible, and there is even the option to create custom programming templates from previous installations or imported Wintex profiles. This reduces the number of programming steps required, guaranteeing consistency from site-to-site and eliminate programming errors.

One of the most important features of Texecom Cloud is remote maintenance and health checks. This reduces the number of times installers need to visit a site to diagnose, maintain, manage and service customer’s alarm panels – it can even eliminate the need to go on site completely.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have won this award,” comments Texecom’s Marketing Director Clym Brown. “The company has invested a great deal into R&D to develop the best, most relevant technology to help our commercial and residential installers adapt to the digital revolution in security. Texecom Cloud, along with our TexecomPro App and our award-winning Texecom Connect connectivity options, are designed to help them increase revenues and delight their customers!”

Benchmark Magazine rigorously tests hardware and software under a range of conditions to see how it compares to the manufacturer’s marketing claims and whether it meets the increasingly sophisticated needs of today’s security personnel.

The magazine says: “We passionately believe that the future of the electronic security sector lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions. In order to allow installers and integrators to create such solutions, it is vital that manufacturers deliver innovation that both enhances the technological capabilities of their products, and allows those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion. In order to highlight such advances, Benchmark runs its Innovation Awards scheme, which recognises and rewards innovative thinking.”

To find out more about Texecom Cloud and sign up for a free 14 day trial, please visit the Texecom Cloud website.

New Premier Elite V5.01 Firmware

New Premier Elite V5.01 Firmware

Premier Elite V5.01 firmware includes an update to ensure that a ‘No ATS Available’ message is now user resettable. Premier Elite V5.01 firmware includes additional functional enhancements, Dutch language updates and minor bug fixes.

Premier Elite V5.01 is compatible with Texecom Cloud Services, Wintex V7.0.0 and Ricochet Monitor V2.18.7

V5.01 Firmware download >

Wintex V7.0.0 & Ricochet Monitor V2.18.7 download >

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