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Texecom Easter Break

Texecom will be taking an extended Easter break - closing from Thursday 1st April at 17:00 BST and re-opening Wednesday 7th April at 08:00 BST. 

As a result, Texecom will not be processing orders, despatching goods, or receiving deliveries from suppliers, during this period.

We will continue to offer technical support to installers on Tuesday 6th April, only closing for the duration of the UK bank holiday.

As such, our technical support email and telephone services will close on Thursday 1st April at 18:00 BST, and re-open at 08:00 BST Tuesday 6th April.

Our dedicated Facebook Technical Support group will close on Thursday 1st April at 20:00 BST, and re-open at 08:00 BST Tuesday 6th April.

Our online forum remains a fantastic source of support information for all. 

We would like to thank all our staff, customers, suppliers, partners and friends for their continued support. 

CPNI Accredited Control Panels & Peripherals

CPNI Accredited Control Panels & Peripherals

CPNI is the government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure. Their role is to protect national security by helping to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats.

CPNI accreditation allows certain Premier Elite panels to be used to protect critical UK facilities such as government buildings and utilities, enabling qualified installers to use Texecom in these environments.

The Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) is available to help security practitioners identify appropriate security equipment. For guidance on classification please email or visit the CPNI website

Our commercial grade, expandable control panels feature integration compatibility with  a number of leading manufacturers in such disciplines as CCTV & Access Control. Each Premier Elite control panel shares the same programming and user platform, ensuring instant product familiarity across the range.

CPNI Accredited Control Panels & Peripherals >

New Texecom Connect app version now available on iOS & Android!

New Texecom Connect app version now available on iOS & Android!

Texecom Connect App Control

Manage, control and administer the new Texecom Connect app version (V2), all from your Texecom Cloud account.

Learn more

Texecom Connect puts users in control of their security systems. Available on Android or iOS, the Texecom Connect app allows users to control Premier Elite security systems directly from their compatible smartphone or tablet device.

The new Texecom Connect app version, V2, is now available. Featuring the same intuitive user interface, Texecom Connect V2 allows professional installers to manage their portfolio of app users directly from their Texecom Cloud account.

Add new users, migrate existing Texecom Connect users, manage your portfolio. With a free Texecom Cloud membership tier and free Texecom Connect app management contract*, Texecom Connect V2 remains completely free of charge.

Sites with a paid Texecom Cloud contract** gain additional benefits, with the ability to assert maintenance contracts, by remotely disabling or deleting users, and the ability to manage app user notifications without having to attend site. Texecom Cloud Gold membership enables app branding with your logo, reinforcing your brand values, every day.

In addition to cloud-based app user management, Texecom Connect V2 contains a host of outstanding features:

  • Enhanced speed and performance
  • Automatic migration of existing Texecom Connect V1 users to V2
  • Enhanced user enrolment experience
  • Compatibility with the upcoming SmartCom 4G communicator

What do I need to do now?
The new Texecom Connect app, V2, will require installers to have an active Texecom Cloud account.
If you haven’t already, sign up your company for a Texecom Cloud account.
Visit our Digital Website for all the information to get started.
We will continue to support the original Texecom Connect V1 app so there is no need to contact your existing users immediately. Installers can upgrade and add existing users to their Texecom Cloud account at their convenience.
* Select ‘Texecom Connect V2 app visibility’ contract in Texecom Cloud
** Select ‘System and V2 app management’ contract in Texecom Cloud