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Our Core Values


Make it safer

Our people and our products make the world safer.
Our products keep watch over the things people hold precious.
We’re here to make trouble for our competitors, because we believe that our
products do a better job protecting people and property than theirs do.

Make a difference

We encourage innovation. We challenge comfort zones.
We question the way we do things, and don’t always take the easy option.
We each have an opportunity and obligation to build a legacy;
to leave things better than how we found them.

Make it fun

Passion takes root in an environment that is pleasant and contagiously enthusiastic;
an environment where new challenges are found and embraced every day;
where friendships are established and diversity is celebrated.
If it’s not fun going to work every day, it’s not worth doing.

Make it here

“Here” is wherever it needs to be to best serve our customers and our business.
As we grow, we will need to be as close to our customers as possible.
There is no substitute for local knowledge combined with world-class service and support.
Integration of local expertise, local design and local manufacturing in
our key territories is important to achieving our full potential.

Make our partners happy

Our customers. Our colleagues. Our suppliers. Our shareholders. Our friends.
We strive to deliver products of exceptional value and quality.
We strive to treat our partners with respect and to deliver on our promises.
We strive to achieve exceptional results in everything we do.

Make each other better

Every individual has untapped potential.
Our business seeks to identify and develop these capabilities in all of us.
We treat each other with integrity and fairness. We commit ourselves to training and coaching.
We build confidence and responsible behaviour through empowerment and support.