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TexecomPro App

TexecomPro App

TexecomPro is a free app, providing Texecom Registered Installers access to technical product information.

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Download the app and login using your existing Texecom Registered Installer login credentials.

Premier Elite 24-W Complete Kit
  • 1 x Premier Elite 24-W
  • 1 x Premier LCD Iconic Keypad
  • 1 x Premier Elite SmartKey
  • 2 x Premier Elite XT-W
  • 1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W
  • Frequency Band 868.0 MHz - 868.6 MHz
Premier Elite 64-W Connect Kit

Premier Elite 64-W Connect Kit

64-zone Texecom Connect kit with Ricochet mesh technology

  • 1x Premier Elite 64-W
  • 1x Texecom Connect SmartCom
  • 2x Premier Compact XT-W
  • 1x Micro Contact-W
  • 1x Premier Elite LCDLP-W

KIT-0089 (LS1) = English/French/Dutch/German

KIT-0090 (LS2) = English/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian

KIT-0091 (LS4) = Norwegian/Danish/Swedish/Finnish