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A Winning Combination

A Winning Combination

The Premier Elite Series represents the most advanced electronic security solutions Texecom has to offer.

Ricochet® mesh technology delivers more performance than any comparable wireless security system. The size, scalability and range are extended, as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications.

Together, Premier Elite systems and Ricochet mesh technology provide a winning combination. With the release of the Premier Elite 24-W Complete Kit, residential applications can now benefit from commercial grade security technology.

The Premier Elite 24-W Complete kit contains:
1 x Premier Elite 24-W, 1 x Premier LCD Iconic Keypad, 2 x Premier Elite XT-W, 
1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W, 1 x Premier Elite SmartKey
Ideal for residential and small commercial environments, the Premier Elite 24-W wireless control panel can accept up to 16 Ricochet enabled devices and is expandable to 24 zones in total.
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