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Premier Elite V4.00 Firmware Release

Premier Elite V4.00 Firmware Release

Texecom is pleased to announce the release of V4.00 firmware for all Premier Elite control panels. V4.00 is Texecom Connect ‘ready’, ensuring compatibility with the upcoming Texecom Connect SmartCom communicator and Texecom Connect app, which are scheduled for release shortly.

Premier Elite V4.00 Requires:

Wintex V6.2.5.1 & Ricochet Monitor V2.18.6.0

V4.00 Changes Guide & V4.00 Firmware

Highlights include:

Texecom Connect ‘ready’
Firmware supports building automation functionality and Texecom Connect SmartCom communicator compatibility in preparation for the launch of Texecom Connect.

Texecom Connect API
New Application Programming Interface (API) to support 3rd party system integrations. Control4 certified integration now available*

Easier wireless expander upgrades
Ricochet enabled wireless device configurations are now contained within both the control panel and wireless expanders, allowing for wireless expanders to be replaced or upgraded without having to relearn wireless devices.

Network speed enhancements
The network speed has been enhanced, notably improving keypad responsiveness on Premier Elite 168 control panels.
Premier Elite V4.00 firmware is now available on all Premier Elite control panels. Texecom Registered Installers can access details of all Premier Elite firmware versions on the ‘Support’ page of the Texecom website.

*Control4 is a registered trademark of Control4 Corporation. All rights reserved.