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Capture P15-W, Q20-W and CQ-W wireless models now with full 3rd party approval

Capture P15-W, Q20-W and CQ-W wireless models now with full 3rd party approval

Texecom’s new range of motion detectors, Capture, is our highest performing, most reliable, easiest to install range of detectors, ever. Texecom’s award-winning Ricochet® mesh technology provides commercial grade wireless performance.

We are pleased to report that testing of Grade 2 wireless units (P15-W, Q20-W and CQ-W models) is now complete and certificates are available.

Remember a security system is only as good as its ability to detect. Your reputation, your business, your future, and your customers’ wellbeing, all depends on making the right choice of motion detection. Don’t just take our word for it, the benefits of the Capture range become apparent from the moment you open the box. 

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Capture Grade 3 anti-masking detector now available

Capture Grade 3 anti-masking detector now available

Independently certified EN Grade 3 wall mount device

The Grade 3 Capture model possesses the finest detection performance and anti-masking protection in Texecom’s history. The Capture A20 is a wall mount dual technology device and is ideal for applications that demand high security and anti-sabotage detection.

The ultimate protection

The Capture A20 contains both quad PIR sensing and K-band microwave detection, providing unprecedented catch performance and false alarm immunity for demanding high security and harsh environment applications.

Pioneering active infrared technology

With Capture, Texecom’s Grade 3 anti-masking technology has been significantly enhanced. Similar to
a camera flash, the Capture active infrared LED produces a smaller initial flash before every lens masking detection; removing background noise and improving detection accuracy.

New active IR detection algorithm

Using the latest infrared and photo sensing technology, Texecom has perfected a new Active IR detection algorithm that maximises sensitivity to masking objects whilst minimising interference to prevent false masking activations.

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