At Texecom we recognise the compelling moral and business cases for diversity and inclusion at work and publish our Gender Equality  Policy annually. We see diversity and inclusion as an essential part of our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage. Texecom firmly believe that our workforce is better when it reflects the diversity of talent in the communities in which we operate, and
we strive to build a balanced and diverse workforce.

Our diversity and inclusion practices seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all. We work hard to
ensure that opportunities are made available to all the diverse talent we need to succeed.

Gender pay gap data allows us to assess the impact of our diversity and inclusion practices on gender equality. We are
confident that men and women are paid equally for equivalent work at Texecom.

2021 Reported Figures

The underlying gender pay gap data at Texecom is still reflective of us currently having fewer male colleagues in less
highly paid occupations, and fewer female colleagues represented in senior roles.

During the 2021 reporting period, our median pay gap was 4.1% (a decrease from the prior year’s gap of 34.2%). Our
mean or average pay gap for the same period was 26.4% (decreased from 37.4%).

We are confident the longer-term trend will improve, and our continued efforts will help close the current gender pay
gap and achieve our diversity goals.

Gender Equality Report 2020-2021

Gender Equality Report 2019-2020