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Professional Remote Maintenance Software

With Texecom’s Maintex software you can remotely diagnose and monitor any Premier Elite security system with compatible remote signalling capabilities. Fully compliant with PD6662, Maintex reduces unnecessary site visits and prevents problems before they occur; saving you time and money whilst providing your customers with peace of mind.

Automatic remote maintenance
Let Maintex manage your maintenance schedule for you, automatically scheduling and receiving maintenance data from all your sites. Maintenance schedules can be created providing control over specific maintenance dates and times. Companies often specify overnight maintenance for commercial installations and daytime maintenance for domestic properties.

Multiple connection options
Maintex supports a wide range of connection options to Premier Elite control panels.

PSTN: Premier Elite Com300 or Premier Elite Com2400 digital communicators.
IP or GPRS: Premier Elite ComIP or Premier Elite ComGSM. Maintex also supports IP connection via WebWayOne, Chiron and Emizon.
Dial Capture: CSL DualCom and BT RedCARE products that support dial capture connection.

Personalised maintenance reports
Maintex enables you to create personalised maintenance reports with the option to add company letterhead or logo information.

PD6662 Grade 2 and Grade 3 systems require two site visits per year, or one site visit and one remote system check. Maintex exceeds the requirements of the remote system check, reducing the need for unnecessary site visits.

To download the software visit the product page.