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Premier Elite V4.00 Firmware Release

Premier Elite V4.00 Firmware Release

Texecom is pleased to announce the release of V4.00 firmware for all Premier Elite control panels. V4.00 is Texecom Connect ‘ready’, ensuring compatibility with the upcoming Texecom Connect SmartCom communicator and Texecom Connect app, which are scheduled for release shortly.

Premier Elite V4.00 Requires:

Wintex V6.2.5.1 & Ricochet Monitor V2.18.6.0

V4.00 Changes Guide & V4.00 Firmware

Highlights include:

Texecom Connect ‘ready’
Firmware supports building automation functionality and Texecom Connect SmartCom communicator compatibility in preparation for the launch of Texecom Connect.

Texecom Connect API
New Application Programming Interface (API) to support 3rd party system integrations. Control4 certified integration now available*

Easier wireless expander upgrades
Ricochet enabled wireless device configurations are now contained within both the control panel and wireless expanders, allowing for wireless expanders to be replaced or upgraded without having to relearn wireless devices.

Network speed enhancements
The network speed has been enhanced, notably improving keypad responsiveness on Premier Elite 168 control panels.
Premier Elite V4.00 firmware is now available on all Premier Elite control panels. Texecom Registered Installers can access details of all Premier Elite firmware versions on the ‘Support’ page of the Texecom website.

*Control4 is a registered trademark of Control4 Corporation. All rights reserved.

Wireless LCD Keypad with RicochetŪ Mesh Technology

Wireless LCD Keypad with RicochetŪ Mesh Technology

Introducing a remarkable new wireless keypad from Texecom. The Premier Elite LCDLP-W is a fully functional, fully programmable wireless keypad with identical performance and capabilities of wired Premier Elite keypads.

Featuring Ricochet mesh technology, the Premier Elite LCDLP-W operates with a 5-year battery life and completes the range of ‘wire free’ Premier Elite system options, offering faster installations and greater flexibility than ever before.

Outstanding features include:

  • Wireless keypad with Ricochet mesh technology
  • Fully functional keypad; not just an arming station
  • 5-year battery life with typical usage (4x AA lithium batteries supplied)
  • Operating speed equivalent to wired keypads
  • Completes ‘wire free’ Premier Elite system options
  • Requires Premier Elite systems with V3.1 wireless receivers (or higher)
  • Integral proximity reader for use with Texecom RFID prox tags
  • EN50131-1, EN50131-3, EN50131-5-3, PD6662 Grade 2 Class II

For more information go to the product page >

Upgrade any security system with Ricochet mesh technology

Upgrade any security system with Ricochet mesh technology

Provide greater safety and security with Texecom’s Ricochet Wireless Expansion Kits.

Adding additional safety and security to new and existing security systems couldn’t be simpler. With Texecom’s Ricochet Wireless Expansion Kits, adding additional wireless devices is a quick and easy process. Each kit converts wireless devices into Normally Closed (N/C) relay outputs for direct connection to security control panel wired zones or CCTV triggering systems.
Each Ricochet expansion kit contains an 8-device wireless expander and relay interface card for connecting to any security system plus 2 wireless devices.

Ricochet External Kit   KIT-0079 
Ricochet Expansion Pack plus 2 Premier External TD-W external detectors.
The Premier External TD-W is a purpose built outdoor sensor for security applications. Designed for protecting external areas, the Premier External TD-W is also ideal for triggering gates, external lights and CCTV cameras.

Ricochet Smoke Kit   KIT-0080
Ricochet Expansion Pack plus 2 Premier Elite OH-W smoke detectors. 
Manufactured in partnership with Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd, the Premier Elite OH-W combines world-class heat-enhanced optical fire sensing with Ricochet mesh technology.

Ricochet Safety Kit   KIT-0081
Ricochet Expansion Pack plus 1 Premier Elite OH-W smoke detector and 1 Premier Elite CO-W carbon monoxide sensor.
Add additional home safety with the Premier Elite CO-W wireless carbon monoxide sensor, featuring a built-in 85dB sounder and system notifications via Ricochet mesh technology.

For more information go to the product page >

The smallest wireless contact we've ever made

The smallest wireless contact we've ever made

Discover the new ‘vanishing’ wireless contact from Texecom. So small it can be concealed within most uPVC window frames, the Micro Contact-W provides unobtrusive, discreet security. Protect windows, doors and valuable assets with ease, and upgrade any security system with Ricochet, the world’s most robust wireless security technology.

The Micro Contact-W is part of Texecom’s flagship Premier Elite Series.

Now you see me. Now you don’t.

The Micro Contact-W is so small it fits within most uPVC window frames, providing invisible but powerful protection. And at a diminutive 57mm x 27.5mm x 8.2mm, the Micro Contact-W all but disappears, even in plain sight.

Install with ease.

Simple, fast and easy to setup, the Micro Contact-W is installed with a single button. With intuitive LED indications taking you step-by-step through the installation and commissioning process, trips back to the control panel are no longer required.

It’s a match.

Further blending into the background, the Micro Contact-W is available in white, brown and anthracite grey, in order to match the most popular uPVC, wooden and aluminium frames.

For more information go to the product page >